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Every student has the potential to become great, but this potential needs to be developed. The Students Guide 2 GREATNESS Leadership & Life Skills Sessions begin the process to unlock that potential.

Specifically designed for Generation Y, the sessions are a fun, creative and engaging way for the next generation to learn and practice the soft skills and leadership they need to thrive in college, career, and life. Develop these skills in your students school-wide and watch your school’s culture shift from ordinary to remarkable.

These sessions are NOT in competition with school programs, courses, or other established youth projects. Instead, it’s a supplement to these programs, providing emphasis on specialized life skills, and individual needs.

My mission is to connect with and inspire students to think about their choices, their work ethic, their character, and most important how they feel about themselves. – Kendall Ficklin

Kendall Ficklin is a speaker, coach, and author with a focus on youth development. At home, he has worked with students and educators in the Atlanta, Fulton, Cobb, and Gwinnett County School districts in Georgia and spoken at colleges and universities such as Morehouse, Clark Atlanta, Georgia State University & Georgia Gwinnett College as well as other schools and colleges across the United States.

His coaching and communication style is raw, impacting and highly engaging.  He has a gift for connecting, motivating and empowering those he comes in contact with.

With 20 years experience speaking, training, mentoring and coaching, Kendall is one of the most sought-after speakers for motivating, inspiring and activating student and parent populations in America.

He regularly conducts keynote addresses, professional development workshops for educators, parental engagement seminars and “hard-hitting, no-nonsense” student empowerment sessions.

I live and work in that gap between problems and potential, average to great.  Whatever it takes to help, save and change lives.  That’s who I am and what I do! – Kendall Ficklin

The Benefits

  • Develop an empowered, well-rounded student who sees education as an opportunity that provides options.
  • Produce young men and women who understand the power and purpose of school and education.
  • Create language to talk about real life issues in a safe and authentic way.
  • Develop character traits for teens to make wise decisions that keep them in competition and out of trouble.
  • Develop students who take initiative to improve their school’s culture.
  • Guide unprepared adolescents toward productive adulthood.
  • Create environments that are conducive to higher grades.
  • Build students who think and act like authentic leaders.
  • Reduce disciplinary problems so that teachers are freed to invest more time in students.



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You can't put in minimum effort and expect maximum results.