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The Students Guide To GREATNESS Leadership & Life Skills Program

Every student has the potential to become great, but this potential needs to be developed. The Students Guide 2 GREATNESS Leadership & Life Skills Sessions begin the process to unlock that potential.

Specifically designed for Generation Y, the sessions are fun, creative and engaging; a way for the next generation to learn and practice the soft skills and develop leadership skills they need to thrive in college, career and life. Develop these skills in your students school-wide and watch your school’s culture shift from ordinary to remarkable.

These sessions are NOT in competition with school programs, courses, or other established youth projects. Instead, it’s a supplement to these programs, providing emphasis on specialized life skills, and individual needs.

This program will help your students...

  • Develop an empowered, well-rounded individual
  • Understand the power and purpose of school and education.
  • Create language to talk about real life issues in a safe and authentic way.
  • Develop character traits to help them make wise decisions.
  • Build students who think and act like authentic leaders.
  • Reduce disciplinary problems so that teachers are freed to invest more time in students.


"From Average to Awesome"

Kendall conducts professional development training for educational institutions and small businesses.

Kendall is committed to helping educators, professionals and small businesses out-perform, out-sell, out-service and out-last the competition. Attendees will learn how to find and fill the gaps, and discover between problems and performance, opportunities and obstacles, average and great.

Whether advising teachers on how to manage students from diverse backgrounds, assisting in optimizing performance levels in the classroom, or demonstrating techniques to help faculty work together as a team to meet the needs of their students, we strive to bring you the best in training and professional development.

This speaking program will help professionals...

  • Improve moral and motivation.
  • Use diversity to make teams more effective
  • Improve team communication for fewer problems
  • Effectively solve and prevent problems
  • Fill in the gaps between employees and management
  • Increase productivity and job satisfaction