You have to be ready and willing to fight! Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Be willing to break some rules. There are some things you’re going to have to START doing and some things you have to STOP doing. You’re going to have to pay a price….it’s not for everyone, it’s only for some!

For those who are BOLD ENOUGH!

Find out what it takes to become GREAT! No matter what your goal in life, all you have to do to succeed is to unlock the greatness that’s already inside you.

He relates to youth with real and candid conversation on a personal level, showing students the difference between a winner’s attitude and that of a loser.

When young people learn to “get comfortable with being uncomfortable”, they can achieve anything! Students know how to dream big, and Kendall Ficklin can help them to clearly identify their goals, stay focused on those goals, and be the very best that they can be.

Never one to hold back on important lessons, Kendall emphasizes the impact of giving 100%, even when things get tough.




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You can't put in minimum effort and expect maximum results.